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Departments » Health Services » Medication Policy

Medication Policy

Students requiring medication during the school day must have written parental permission as well as written physician permission and register the medication at the health office. All approved medication will be taken in the health office. See Board Policy 210 - Medications.
If it is essential that medicine be given to the child during school hours the following procedure must be followed:
  • Contact the school nurse either by phone or school visitation concerning your child’s
  • A consent form must be completed by the parent or guardian and returned to the school
  • A form completed by the physician must also be submitted.
  • All medication must be brought to the school in the original and properly labeled
  • Non-prescription drugs ( over the counter medications) also require parental/guardian
    consent as well as the physician’s signed authorization.
  • The Lakeland School District will not administer any aspirin or aspirin component
    medications due to the possibility of Reye’s Syndrome.
  • All medication must be stored in the health room or in a locked desk or container.
  • All medication must be taken in the health room and supervised by the school nurse or
    her designee.
  • Any change in type or dosage of medication must be reported, in written form, to the
    school immediately.
  • Cough drops may be self-administered with no physician’s authorization. However, a
    parent consent form must be submitted in order for the child to use cough drops. The
    only acceptable cough drops with parental consent are those with “sugar” or “pectin” as
    the only ingredient listed on the package. Any cough drop or throat lozenge with
    menthol, eucalyptus, cough suppressant, or any herbal ingredient (for example: Nice,
    Sucrets, Halls etc.) must be accompanied by a doctor’s order and parental consent
    (which is good for a two-week period).
  • Medical policy forms, both parental and physician’s are to be renewed annually.
  • Any non-compliance with this Lakeland School District medical policy will result in the
    non-administration of medicines.