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Mathematics Home

Children come to school with a myriad of informal mathematical experiences which bear witness to their enthusiasm and curiosity in the mathematics classroom. As active learners, children continually seek to make sense of what is presented. Ultimately, they construct a personal theory about what mathematics is and what it means to do mathematics.

The teaching and learning of mathematics begins in a math rich environment. The activities, tasks, and discourse provide a framework for the development of mathematical power in all learners. Mathematical power (NCTM, 2000) is unmistakable in learners that exhibit conceptual and procedural understandings. It is evident in learners that can communicate mathematically. Mathematical power is apparent in learners who can reason logically, problem solve, and exhibit a disposition to persevere with real-life problem solving situations.

The Lakeland School District math curriculum aims for mathematical power in all students and addresses the Pennsylvania Core Mathematics Standards. Our courses of study actively engage learners in this pursuit. We pull from a variety of resources to teach our curriculum, but the resources our teachers use the most are from the Everyday Math Program (Grades K-5) and Eureka Math (Grade 6). If you are interested in learning more about the programs, please visit the Everyday Math and/or Eureka Math websites. You will find a variety of information to help you understand the resources better. You will notice that your child will learn a variety of algorithms for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division including the traditional U.S. algorithms. Information on the non-traditional algorithms your child will be studying, including examples, is available on the Everyday Math Website.