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Employment Opportunities » *Part-Time Custodian, Second Shift

*Part-Time Custodian, Second Shift

*Part-Time Custodian, Second Shift
The Part-Time Custodian is a person entrusted with the maintenance of school buildings within the Lakeland School District. The Part-Time Custodian is responsible directly to the Maintenance Supervisor and/or Building Principal.

1. Duties will be upstairs classrooms.
2. Vacuum all classrooms and remove gum from carpeting.
3. Dust all shelves, desks, and window sills.
4. Clean all classroom desks and remove gum.
5. Dust and clean all computers.
6. Clean windows and doors and dust door frames.
7. Empty trash from cans.
8. Straighten all desks in a row.
9. Vacuum all hallway carpets upstairs.
10. Report burnt out light bulbs to day shift.
11. Clean ceiling vents.
12.Check carpet for stains and address them.
13. Clean walls in upstairs hallways.
14. Clean chalk and white boards.
15. Area assignment should be clean.
Contact Julie Martin
Phone: (570) 254 - 9485
Fax: (570) 254 - 6730
1355 Lakeland Dr., Scott Township, PA 18433