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Chiefs Virtual Academy

Chiefs Virtual Academy!




Why Choose Our Online Learning Program?


Being a part of the Chiefs Virtual Academy online learning program provides your child with numerous advantages.


  • Tuition-free Program that provides each student with a Cyber School in a Box™ equipment bundle that includes a laptop, printer/scanner and tech support 7 days a week.
  • Students earn a diploma from the Lakeland School District and graduate with classmates
  • Students receive online teacher support via daily homeroom and office hours, one-on-one tutoring, writing and math labs, evening homework help and more.
  • Students have the opportunity to enroll in a Career and Technology Program through the CTC of Lackawanna County
  • Students may create a blended/hybrid schedule that includes both online courses and on-campus courses in the brick-and-mortar building, such as Art or Music.
  • Students have full access to district resources and facilities, including special education, guidance counseling services, libraries and athletic facilities
  • Students may join district sponsored extracurricular activities and sports teams and participate in field trips and school events, such as school dances, pep rallies, and award ceremonies.


To learn more, download our Chiefs Virtual Academy Brochure


How to Enroll

To get started, download and complete the enrollment form by clicking this link:

Chiefs Virtual Academy Application for Enrollment.


Upon completion, please return your completed form to the building principal of the school where your child(ren) would attend.  The building principal and/or school counselor will contact you to discuss the registration process, review any specific needs the student may have, and prepare for the student to transition into the Chiefs Virtual Academy program.


If you have additional questions about the Chiefs Virtual Academy, please contact Carmella Bullick or Marian Carroll for more information.


Carmella Bullick

High School Principal

570-254-9485 Ext. 2010


Marian Carroll

Director of Curriculum & Instruction

570-254-9485 Ext. 1012


Please note: If your student is currently enrolled outside of Lakeland School District, you will also need to complete the district registration process. Please click here for more information.


Our Program



Students are provided with access to a web-based student portal which includes access to their coursework, virtual classrooms, online gradebook and multiple other resources.  The portal also includes a monthly calendar and weekly progress indicator to help students stay on track and finish their coursework on time.


Parents/Guardians are provided with a Parent Portal account where they can view their students’ online gradebook, coursework submissions, graded work, and daily activity, as well as, the monthly calendar and weekly progress indicator.


Materials, Equipment & Technical Support

Students in the Chiefs Virtual Academy receive a Cyber School in a Box™ equipment bundle which includes a laptop computer and printer scanner to utilize in the program. Students will also receive physical textbooks for each of their assigned courses. If needed, Help Desk Specialists are available 7 days a week, from 7am to 7pm, in order to provide assistance with student equipment and questions about accessing online course materials.


Students will also receive a reimbursement for their internet service, if they meet minimum guidelines for performance and participation in the program.


Learning Environment & Curriculum

We recognize that each student learns differently and has unique requirements for scheduling flexibility. Chiefs Virtual Academy is designed to provide students with the flexibility they need while maintaining daily checkpoints to ensure students are accountable and develop the necessary skills to be a successful online learner. The K-12 Virtual Learning Network curriculum used in Chiefs Virtual Academy is standards-aligned and district‑approved. Courses are designed with a consistent weekly module structure which provides students with engaging content while dividing the coursework into manageable lessons. Courses include a wealth of web-based resources, including: videos, interactive animations, supplemental materials from textbook publishers and a wide range of other engaging educational media.


Mastering the Content

A variety of activities and assessments are vital to a student’s success.  While multiple-choice assessments are an important part of any assessment structure, we ask students to further demonstrate mastery with the following exercises:



A set of questions/problems designed to provide students with practice of key concepts

Short Answers

A 5-question assessment that requires students to demonstrate their understand of the lesson topics and key concepts


A topical essay question intended to assess students’ knowledge of the overall concept outlined in the reading assignment and to gauge students’ writing skills.


Long-term assignments interspersed throughout a course to give students the opportunity to build on multiple units.


Students are also asked to show their work on all math coursework so our teachers can evaluate their understanding of the material.