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Grades 7-12 Mathematics

Dear Students
Please utilize the Google Classroom or web-based platform created by your teachers to access planned instruction.  Most teachers are using the same platform they have used throughout the year, so most of you are already enrolled in these classes.  To access them, please log into your district Google Classroom account using your district email address.
If you finish your assignments and are looking for more, please visit the Curriculum and Instruction:  Instructional Resources for Families tab on the District Website.
Please note, as we transition to planned instruction, "class join codes" were removed from the district website to protect student privacy.  If you did not already join a class on your school schedule when previously announced, and are having difficulty, please contact the teacher for that course.
Google Classroom Directions for Adding New Courses:
1. Click the link below:
2. Click the "+" sign in the top right hand corner of the page, and select "Join Class"
3. Enter the Class Codes for the Class(es) You'd Like to Join: 
4. Once logged in, choose the "Classwork" tab at the top of the page for a list of weekly activities.
* You will only need to follow these steps the first time you join.
If you have difficulty finding or enrolling in one of the courses below, please contact your teacher for that course:
Google Classrooms Available:
Math 7:

Mr. Bennett, Period 3 & Khan Academy Class Code ZG2ARD25

Mr. Bennett, Period 4 & Khan Academy Class Code 9EK53UKJ

Mr. Bennett, Period 8 & Khan Academy Class Code H9K9NSJP


Honors Math 7:

Mr. Bennett, Period 1 & Khan Academy Class Code BS5YZWNH

Mr. Bennett, Period 2 & Khan Academy Class Code 2S7Q42W3



Learning Support Grade 7

Ms. Curnow/Mrs. Ehnot 

Math 8:
Mr. Piccini
Algebra I:
Mr. Bachak
Mr. Leschak
Mrs. Riddell, Period 2
Honors Algebra I:
Mr. Bachak
Mr. Piccini
Algebra II:
Mrs. Marino
Mrs. Riddell, Period 5
Mrs. Riddell, Period 7
Honors Algebra II:
Mrs. Riddell, Period 1
College Algebra:
Mr. Bachak
Mr. Bachak
Mr. Leschak
Honors Geometry:
Mr. Bachak
Mr. Leschak
Mr. Leschak
Honors Statistics:
Mrs. Riddell, Period 1
Mrs. Riddell, Period 3

AP Statistics:

Mrs. Marino



Mrs. Marino


Computer Science Essentials:

Mr. Leschak